What Love isn’t – SAVIS saves Jennifer

What Love isn’t – SAVIS saves Jennifer

Jennifer’s  story of tragedy and triumph and how SAVIS helped.

You never truly know who someone is, right off the bat. They may treat you like the only person in the world, make you think they just want the best for you. Until you realize love is supposed to be between two people and that they just want to use you to put money right into their pockets.

At age 21, I met a guy through mutual friends. I had seen him many times in my area before and he kept asking me for my number. One day he offered to help me make extra money and all I needed to do was run his errands.

I got treated like royalty, all expenses paid and partying with the elite was my life, until I was told to go upstairs by someone who I thought was a friend and sleep with them.

This friend had another woman direct me what to do and follow the rules. I was given money, that was promised to be mine, a brand new luxury car. It was supposedly a birthday present. I was hooked into a world of craziness, drugs and a partying scene, something that I never thought I would be subjected to.

Pimps force you into habits and addictions that I never thought I would struggle through in my life.

All the lies and deceit.

I knew this wasn’t my life, this isn’t the story I want to live the rest of my life by. I tried to leave and everything I had was stolen right in front of me and unfortunately it is now just ruining my entire credit.

I tried working independently at a strip club but it wasn’t the life for me. After being locked up on more than one occasion, and detoxing from a cocaine addiction, I knew I could put my life in a better situation.

With just a t-shirt on my back I left the past behind me. I reported my situation and was ready to speak up, and thankfully I was put into the hands of SAVIS.

I wanted someone to listen, to hear me out, and SAVIS provided me with that, I got out of my situation, with SAVIS and Human Trafficking officers by my side, something I will be forever grateful for.

SAVIS is a safe space for me, providing me with someone to be there for me and was able to truly build my self-esteem back up, no matter what.

Without them, I have no idea where I would be today. If you are to take anything from my story, it is to always seek help, you do not need to depend on a guy for money, you can get through it.


SAVIS (Sexual Assault &Violence Intervention Service ) provides intervention, education as well as support for survivors of Sexual Assault and Violence and Human Trafficking .

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