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What to do if Your Child is Bullied

“One kid, one voice can make a difference”

Child reading a anti-bullying brochure
What to do if Your Child is Bullied

As part of Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, November 16-22, the YMCA of Oakville will host an evening speaking engagement for parents with anti-bullying advocate Kirk Smalley at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 18 at Oakville Town Hall.

Smalley, along with his wife Laura and students from their local community of Perkins, Oklahoma founded Stand for the Silent following the suicide of his son, Ty, who was bullied at school for two years. Kirk will share how this tragic event ignited a wildfire movement that encourages youth to take the pledge to “stand up for the silent” and put an end to bullying. The Smalley’s story was featured in the acclaimed 2012 documentary, Bully, and The Bully Effect, produced by Anderson Cooper 360 and The Cartoon Network. He has spoken to more than 964,000 kids in 959 schools in the US and Canada.

Kirk will share his story with parents and offer education and tools that parents can use if their child is being bullied. The presentation will also talk about what the community can do to prevent bullying and youth suicide, and will include a Q & A session. Tickets for the event are just $5 and available online at www.ymcaofoakville.org or at the door with all proceeds going to Kirk’s anti-bullying organization, Stand for the Silent.

The YMCA of Oakville has brought Smalley to Oakville, ON as part of YMCA Peace Week. He is the keynote speaker for the YMCA Community Breakfast for Peace on November 19 and will also be speaking to one local elementary school and three high schools to share his powerful anti-bullying message designed to inspire students to be the change they want to see in their schools and help prevent his family’s tragedy from happening to another child and family. Kirk and Laura’s mission is to continue to change kids’ lives and bring awareness to bullying and the real devastation it causes.

For more information on this event or events during YMCA Peace Week, November 15-22, visit ymcaofoakville.org.



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