What you can do to help Oakville’s shortage of Social Housing?

Wait lists for Social Housing can be years, and Halton is in better shape than many other Regions.

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What you can do to help Oakville’s shortage of Social Housing?
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Looking around Oakville, you would never suspect we have residents who currently reside in Social Housing. However, in Halton 10 percent of the population live below the poverty line, and in Oakville that translates to 18,000 residents.According to the Ontario Government the poverty line is considered to be when a single person makes less than $23,000.00 per year. Even with the increase of the minimum hourly rate to $11 or $20,020 per year, it still leaves that person $2,980 below the poverty line.

At this time 4500 people in Halton are using social housing, and our needs far exceed our facilities, which is why Councillor Clark Somerville from Halton Hills spent 2.5 days on Parliament Hill a few weeks ago. As the second Vice President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, he helped to arrange 137 meetings with all levels of the Federal government including Senators, Ministers, Chiefs of Staff, and Members of Parliament.

Clark Somerville

Clark Somerville is the 2nd Vice President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

“The meetings provide an excellent opportunity for municipalities to get in front of parliamentarians and have their issues heard,” said Clark Somerville.

One of the main topics brought forward by municipal leaders is Social Housing, or the lack of stable funding. The $2.5 billion program for Social Housing is about to about to expire, and Ontario municipalities are hoping that a stable indexed fund will be created.

In Oakville  27 social housing properties exist that range from 3 bedroom detached homes to one-bedroom suites in multi-story buildings. The properties provide rent subsidies correlating to household income. These properties are run primarily by non-government organizations. Halton Housing Corporation is responsible for 11 of the social housing projects in Oakville and plays a vital role in providing social housing assistance in Oakville.

Halton Housing Corporation has 885 family units, 1103 senior assisted living units, and 339 high needs senior units for all of Halton. Social housing used to be the province’s responsibility, but was downloaded to municipalities during the Mike Harris Era. All of the units are full, with long wait lists. Units are filled on a need basis, and it can take years in some cases to get into social housing. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is planning to make Social Housing an issue in the upcoming Federal Election.

However, if you are looking to make a donation this Holiday Season, you might want to consider one of these organizations that make housing available to the less fortunate in Oakville. They may not require cash funds, but many are looking for unwrapped gifts during the holidays. If you are part of a faith based community, your Pastor, Rabbi, or Imam may also be able to provide additional guidance. Also many service clubs are involved with community housing.

Here is a list the complete list of Social Housing Providers in Oakville:


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