Willson Oakville Film Festival Line-up for 2019

Festival Line-up
Willson Oakville Film Festival Line-up for 2019
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The Willson Oakville Film Festival line-up for 2019 features films from the Sundance Film Festival, HotDocs Film Festival, Canadian Film Festival, and Toronto International Film Festival. The films are from around the world such as: USA, China, Australia, Britain, and Poland.

There are four gala presentations starting on Wednesday taking place at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, and Film.ca hosts the remainder of the festival line-up. The films featured at Film.ca are priced at $14.99. There are also film festival packages. Tickets are available at online at OFFA.

I’m Going to Break Your Heart – Wednesday Event

An Evening with Chantal Kreviazuk & Raine Maida



I’m Going to Break Your Heart kicks off the Film Festival Line-up for 2019

This film captures the raw, heart wrenching journey renowned Canadian singer-songwriters Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace) travelled to rekindle their marriage. Filmed on  isolated St. Pierre and Miquelon islands.

This special event includes an intimate performance and Q&A following the screening with Juno-award winning singer Chantal Kreviazuk and her husband, Raine Maida. Canadian radio broadcaster and journalist Alan Cross moderates.

Saint Judy –  Thursday Gala

Women Who Give



This Canadian Premiere of Saint Judy is followed by an engaging panel discussion on issues presented in the film, and ways to facilitate change. In attendance: Lawyer Judy Wood whose story is the subject of the film and film producers Trevor Brisbin & Marisol Brisbin.

The film recognizes the impact that women have in the world and on our community through volunteerism, philanthropy and dedication. Through the power of film, we will connect, converse and celebrate.

$10 from every ticket will be donated to Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan. A market will be set up before and after the film featuring jewellery made in Afghanistan plus other accessories such as Red Pashminas and purses designed by Afghan women, with all proceeds going to charity.

Sometimes Always Never – Friday Gala



This is the Eastern Canadian Premiere of Sometimes Always Never.

Sometimes Always Never tells the story of Alan, a stylish tailor, and it moves as sharp as his suits. Alan spent years searching tirelessly for his missing son Michael who stormed out over a game of scrabble. With a body to identify and his family torn apart, Alan must repair the relationship with his youngest son Peter. Also he must solve the mystery of an online player who he thinks could be Michael. He wants to move on and reunite his family.

The host is Paul Saltzman.

Director Carl Hunter will attend from the UK for a Q&A as well as other cast TBC

Saturday’s Festival Line-Up

A Girl, A Boy, A Penny and a Very, Very, Very Long Road


This is the Eastern Canadian Premiere of A Girl, A Boy, A Penny and a Very, Very, Very Long Road.

This film tells the story of Yuna, a philosophical hitchhiker,  a girl with pink hair, and an unusual elderly lady. They are travelling down a long, seemingly abandoned, road in a 1968 Ford Galaxie named Archie. The  Old Lady asks Yuna to put all of who she is in a small empty box.

The Divided Brain


This is the Regional Premiere for The Divided Brain.
Psychiatrist Dr. lain McGilchrist tests a radical theory with the potential to explain the problems of Western society: that the left brain hemisphere is taking power, and we’re feeding it. The left hemisphere is proficient at technologies and systems but cannot understand larger implications. Has the left hemisphere hijacked humanity?

Dr. Ian McGilchrist to be on Skype for a panel discussion, as well as writer Stephen Milton

Propaganda: The Art of Selling Lies


The Regional Premier of Propaganda: The Art of Selling Lies asks the question: why are we so easily seduced by propaganda?

It traces the history of the art of persuasion from the remote past to the present. Currently, we are bombarded by more propaganda than ever before. This film is a cautionary tale. It is also a call to action at a precarious moment in our history.

A panel discussion features Director Larry Weinstein and Sheridan College Professor, expert in Media Literacy, and former CITYtv news Producer Dr. Nicole Blanchette Neheli

Art Matters Shorts Compilation


Through a series of short film presentations and discussion, this event illustrates how art matters in our world – for creativity, morality, society, sociability and humanity. The panel focuses on short film as a catalyst for the integration of the arts into society.

List of Short Films

  1. BAO (Canada, Sheridan College, animated)  Director Domee Shi . BOA the Academy Award in 2019 for best animated short film.
  2. What I See In You (Canada, Sheridan College, animation), Director Megan Lawless
  3. Maternal, (Drama, Canada), Director Andrew Simpson
  4. Selfish, (Canada, Sheridan College, animation), Direcotor Po Chien Chen
  5. Leading Me Straight, (USA), Director Burke Heffner
  6. The Wet Season, (Canada) Director Martha Ferguson and stars Ellen Page
  7. Swap, World Premiere, (Canada, Sheridan College, Animation)Director Elliot Maxted
  8. CRUSH, (USA) Director Giacomo Gex



Regional Premiere of Firecrackers tells the story of a teenage girl and her friend, as they run into problems when they plan to leave town.

Director Jasmine Mozafarri and other cast members will be in attendance

The Dancing Dogs of Dombrova


The Regional Premiere of The Dancing Dogs of Dombrova tells the story of an estranged sister and brother. At the request of their dying grandmother, the siblings travel to Poland in order to retrieve an object from their grandmother’s past.

Director/Producer Zack Bernbaum, Producer/DP Stephen Chandler Whitehead and lead actress Katherine Fogler attend a Q&A

David Crosby: Remember My Name – Saturday Gala

This is the Canadian Premiere of David Crosby: Remember My Name.

Producer Cameron Crowe documents David Crosby, who has everything but an easy retirement on his mind.

The film is an honest, warts and all self-examination of the life and career of Crosby, as the musical icon seeks a creative renaissance at age 77.  Crosby faces an uncertain future after Crosby, Stills and Nash dissolved in 2015. He is not on speaking terms with Steven Stills and Graham Nash. He is complex. The film expresses his regrets, fears, exuberance, faith in family and the transformative nature of music.

David Crosby will do a Q&A on Skype. Musical performance TBA

This is the last gala for the festival line-up.



This is the Canadian Premiere of Lift.

With the help of his conscience Jimmy, the unlikely hero, Misha, finds the strength to overcome his ego and earn money using a ride sharing app called LIFT. It sets him on an ethereal journey where he’ll rediscover himself, find true love and finally realize his dream.

Director Alexander Kaminer will be in attendance

Book Week


This is the Canadian Premiere of Book Week
The film explores the life of a jaded high school English teacher. The teacher is forced to re-evaluate his life when his novel is passed over for one of his students.

Sunday’s Festival Line-Up

Wolves Unleashed: Against All Odds


This is the Regional Premiere for Wolves Unleashed: Against All Odds.

This is the next film in the award-winning series which follows world renowned animal trainer, Andrew Simpson. This time his journey takes him to China, where he and his team are given the difficult task of raising and training wild Mongolian wolves.

Director Andrew Simpson will attend

Red Rover


This is the Regional Premiere of Red Rover.

This film about a lonely geologist who feels he has nothing left to live for on earth. He attempts to qualify for a one-way mission to Mars with the help of an offbeat musician. The musician is just as lost.

Director Shane Belcourt and other cast and crew will do a Q&A

The Woman Who Loves Giraffes


This is the Regional Premiere for The Woman Who Loves Giraffes.

The film examines the first female zoologists Dr. Anne Innis Dagg. It re-traces her groundbreaking 1956 journey to South Africa to study giraffes in the wild. In a recent trip Dr. Dagg discovers a startling contrast between the past world of giraffes and the one they currently face.

Dr. Anne Innis Dagg and Director Alison Reid will be in attendance for the Q&A

Honey Bee


This is the Regional Premiere for Honey Bee.

Honey Bee follows the journey of Natalie “Honey Bee” Sorensen, an underage truck stop prostitute trapped in a human trafficking ring until she is transplanted into foster care in remote Northern Ontario. There she is forced to confront her identity.

Director Rama Rau, Actress Michelle McLeod (Don’t Talk to Irene) & Producer Sally Karam will attend for a Q&A



This is the Regional Premiere for Nowhere.

This film examines the life of single mother Claire who moves to a small town and her daughter Sarah. Claire is looking for a fresh start. But when Sarah suddenly goes missing, Claire’s life is thrown into a tailspin. Though the police are determined that her search is futile, Claire suspects that her daughter is in danger. Claire uncovers the town’s darkest secrets to see her daughter again.

Writer/Producer Paolo Mancini and actress Kate Drummond who plays Claire Porter are confirmed for a Q&A

Trouble in the Garden


This is the Regional Premiere for Trouble in the Garden.

This film is about a woman who is bailed out and taken in by a brother. She hasn’t seen him in years. The indigenous protester and her adoptive family reckon with betrayal – of love, land, and blood.

Red Joan


The Regional Premiere of Red Joan.

The movie is about Joan Stanley, who was exposed as the KGB’s longest-serving British spy.

Journalist & author Will Fripp, MA in Intelligence & International Relations, will do a Q&A on the Cold war and the role of women in espionage

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World


The Regional Premiere and the final film for the Festival Line-up

This powerful documentary about the role of Native Americans in contemporary music history. It features some of the greatest music stars of our time. Rumble exposes a critical missing chapter. It reveals how indigenous musicians helped shape the soundtracks of our lives and, through their contributions influenced popular culture.

Tim Johnson, Executive Producer to attend, along with Juno Award-winning performer Derek Miller

Willson Oakville Film Festival is a great way to see and experience world class films, and gain insights from their directors, producers, and actors. The Festival line-up is both entertaining and thought provoking.



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