Wine, Popcorn and Milkshakes: Sommelier’s Perspective

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Kettle Popcorn
Wine, Popcorn and Milkshakes: Sommelier’s Perspective
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Cynthia Silversides

Cynthia Silversides

Cynthia Silversides is an accredited Sommelier certified by both the Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS) and Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers (CAPS). Passionate about great wine, food, and travel experiences, Cynthia is owner of Niagara Vino providing tutored wine tasting and tour services in the Niagara Peninsula wine region of Ontario, Canada.Follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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Wine milkshakes? Wine-infused popcorn? Just two more ways to incorporate wine into your diet! Working with Kim Crawford Wines, the New York City based gourmet popcorn purveyor Populence has introduced two wine-infused flavours to their line of handmade, low-calorie, low-fat, gluten free popcorn made with organic GMO-free popcorn kernels. Their Sauvignon Blanc Kettle is a zesty flavour incorporating wine, sugar, and lemon rind, and the Pinot Noir Drizzle is made with a wine reduction and chocolate. Sounds decadent, and although it was created with wine pairing in mind, word is that you cannot get drunk from this popcorn alone. You can find it in NYC, online, and in some movie theatres. And if you are really feeling inspired, you can email Populence “for a recipe on how to create your own wine infused flavors with Kim Crawford wines.”

The Counter - Pinot Noir Wine Milkshake

The Counter – Pinot Noir Wine Milkshake
Photo credit: K. Indovina

If you are not pairing your wine-infused popcorn with wine, why not try a wine milkshake? This seems to have become a popular restaurant offering in North America as of late. A tour director friend of mine recently tried the Pinot Noir milkshake at The Counter in Reston, Virginia – part of a California-based chain where you can “Build your own Burger.” Her report on this shake made with vanilla ice cream, Pinot Noir, cherries, and chocolate syrup is that it was delish and tasted just like the wine! Mimosa and Sweet Peach (Bellini inspired) wine milkshakes are also on the menu. Intrigued, I decided to create my own, the Sauvignon Blanc Mango Milkshake, makes one serving:


1/2 cup of Sauvignon Blanc wine

1/2 cup of frozen mango pieces


1 cup of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt


Add ingredients to blender and mix, then pour into a wine glass and enjoy!

Thinking about wine, milkshakes and wine-infused popcorn, what is happening in Oakville? The Oakville Wine Enthusiasts Club is on summer break and will be meeting up again in September with Reif Estate Winery as the guest presenter.

So there you have it: Wine, Popcorn, Milkshakes



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