Update – Winter Returns : Special Weather Warning now Winter Storm Warning

Winter returns
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Something we don’t want to hear after several warm days is Winter Returns. Environment Canada has changed the status from “Special Weather Warning” to “Winter Storm Warning” at 10:54 AM. The changed warning is marked in RED.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what Environment Canada’s Special Weather Warning is making very clear. The warning was issued on March 1, 2018 at 4:53 AM.

According to the Weather Network, rain with wet snow is expected to roll in between 2:00 to 3:00 pm. Snow is forecast to start in earnest at 8:00 PM. The snowfall is expected to last until 8:00 AM Friday, March 2, 2018. Temperatures will slowly drop to minus 1 overnight. Lake effect snow is likely.

As winter returns this evening’s commute and tomorrow morning’s commute are going to be slow, so you’ll need to give yourself plenty of time to get home. School Buses might be cancelled tomorrow morning.

Slow down, Be Prepared, Be Safe.

Environment Canada’s Winter Storm Warning: March 1, 2017 at 10:58 AM:

Hazardous winter conditions are expected.

Northern edge of major winter storm with heavy snow near Burlington tonight.

An intense low pressure system from Texas will bring a large area of heavy snow with it tonight as it tracks up over Ohio into Pennsylvania tonight.

Rain, or a rain and wet snow mix, is expected to develop this afternoon as the low gets closer.

As the low approaches, increasing northeasterly winds will pull in colder air. This will result in the rain quickly changing to snow by evening. The snow will persist through the night and may fall heavily at times. Northeast winds gusting to 60 km/h will also result in areas of blowing snow giving very poor visibility at times tonight into Friday morning. Travel tonight is not advised.

This region will be on the northern edge of the heavy snow from this winter storm. Thus, total snowfall accumulations will range from near 20 cm in the Burlington area, to near 10 cm in Oakville.

Although the worst of the conditions are expected tonight, the Friday morning commute will likely be significantly impacted as well.

The snow will come to a quick end on Friday morning as the low pressure area hops over the Appalachians to the Atlantic Ocean off the New England Coast.

Consider postponing non-essential travel until conditions improve. Rapidly accumulating snow could make travel difficult over some locations. Visibility will be suddenly reduced to near zero at times in heavy snow and blowing snow.

Winter storm warnings are issued when multiple types of severe winter weather are expected to occur together.

Environment Canada’s Special Weather Warning: March 1, 2018 at 4:53 AM.

Rain changing to snow as winter weather returns later today.

Rain is expected to develop today as a strengthening low pressure system approaches the Great Lakes.

As the low pressure system passes by just to the south of the region later today, brisk winds will begin to pull in much colder air from the north. Thus rain will change over quickly to snow later this afternoon or early evening. Total snowfall amounts of 10 to 15 cm are possible by Friday morning.

In addition, strong and gusty northerly winds may result in areas of blowing snow and very poor visibility tonight.

Conditions should improve Friday morning as the low pressure area moves away across Pennsylvania to the east coast. Although the worst of the conditions should occur during the night, the Friday morning commute will likely still be impacted.

Please note that considerable uncertainty remains regarding the exact evolution of this system. If higher snowfall amounts than currently forecast appear more likely, snowfall warnings may be required.


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