Winter storm conditions continue and now include bone chilling cold

Winter Storm Continues
Winter storm conditions continue and now include bone chilling cold
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According to the latest Environment Canada Weather Alert issued at 4:00 PM January 19, 2019, winter storm conditions continue through tonight.

The snow fall will be heavy at night. It will be combined with strong winds. The snow fall dwindles down by early Sunday morning.

Even though the storms causing this winter weather event are well south of Lake Ontario, the north-east winds are absorbing moisture from the lake. This results in significant snowfall. Expect another 10 to 15 cm, and possibly up to 20 cm closer to the lake.

Currently, gusts reaching up to 60 km/h can cause white outs, bringing visibility to zero. The winds change direction from north-east to north later this evening. The change diminishes the intensity of the gusts. The north wind is also ushering in cold air, and wind-chills could result in minus twenties.

As an Arctic air mass blows its way into Caledon, the weather network’s forecast for Oakville on Sunday, January 20th is bone chilling. At 8:00 AM it will feel like minus 29 and it doesn’t get better. By 10:00 PM the windchill will make the temperature feel like minus 33.

If you can, Environment Canada suggests that you postpone travel due to the winter storm conditions. Highways, roads, sidewalks and parking lots may become treacherous.

This extremely cold air is expected to last right through Monday. By Tuesday, temperatures climb back to minus 4.


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