Working from Home – set boundaries to make it work

Working from Home Laura Machan
Working from Home – set boundaries to make it work
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There are times when working from home means keeping an eye on your phone but you don’t really expect to actually start or finish anything. Working from home for three weeks is different. I don’t know anyone (who is healthy) who can afford to be unproductive for three weeks.

Tips to successfully work from home

Set aside a separate space for each person in your house to work – even (and especially) the kids. That way you can set out your stuff and it will be ready when you are. It also means you can walk away from it when you need to.

Process as much as you can early in the morning. If you normally leave at 7:30 AM, keep up with the routine. Sit down at 7:30 AM and manage your mail, look at your meeting schedule and make a list.

Coordinate with your family on who is going to work when. Plan time for tasks, meetings, play, being outside and entertainment. When your kids/partner know when you can play and when you have to work, it will be much easier to manage both.

You will be doing a lot of video chats – check out the best location for that. Have someone sit where you will and check out the visual, no need to have laundry, your rubber band collection or dirty dishes in the background.

Keep up your routine as best you can. Take breaks and get coffee when you usually do. Connect with your colleagues daily on Skype, zoom, facetime, what’sapp or some other video platform. It will help to keep things moving and reduce feelings of isolation.

Keep your screen time (tv and socials) to same as usual. Getting sucked into either for hours at a time will not do you any favours.

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