Yes, poetry is fun and entertaining

Yes, poetry is fun and entertaining
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Authors bring life and vitality to poetry. Experience Tom Gannon Hamilton and Darrell Epp read this weekend.

Like many people my first experience with poetry occurred in high school. The work was inaccessible, not to mention difficult, boring, and frustrating.

However, my perspective changed.

“Epp’s poems have a distinct Hamilton flavour, he also says there are certain truths and experiences everyone can identify with, no matter where they live.” – Emma Reilly, Interview & Feature in the Hamilton Spectator

Prior to OakvilleNews.Org, I worked for Gooselane Editions. They publish poetry, literary fiction, and non-fiction. My task – market poetry. It was daunting; however it was my responsibility. I needed to understand why people would enjoy the work and pay for it.

So, how did poems come life?

A light bulb turned on when I went to poetry readings, and read poems out loud.  It all made perfect sense. These poets and the art form were just so engaging.

This weekend be enchanted.

The Oakville Literary Society brings two excellent poets to town. Tom Gaggon Hamilton and Darrell Epp read at the Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre on Sunday from 4 to 6 pm.

About Thomas Gannon Hamilton


Panoptic by Tom Hamilton. Published by: Quattro Books

Tom Gannon Hamilton has had poems published in Blue Buffalo, Blood & Aphorisms, OiSE Transforms, Hart House, Whetstone and Dalhousie Review.

He was awarded First Prize in the 2018 Big Pond Rumours Chapbook competition for a suite of poems entitled “El Marillo,” which chronicles the poet’s experiences in war-torn El Salvador.

After serving as an aid worker in El Salvador, Tom was welcomed into the Salvadoran arts cooperative Tizon and Nicaragua’s Instituto de Cultura.

His B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. all focused on poetry. He is founder, curator and host of the Urban Folk Art Salon in partnership with Toronto Public Library.

A career musician since age 14, Tom makes his living performing and producing records in the Toronto area. Latest book by this author:

  1. Panoptic

About Darnell Epp


Sinners Dance by Darrell Epp. Published by Mosaic Press

A poet, playwright and freelance journalist, Darrell Epp’s poetry has appeared in dozens of magazines including Maisonneuve, Poetry Ireland, Sub-Terrain, and The Saranac Review. His earlier poetry collections include Imaginary Maps (2009) and After Hours (2016). He has read in Canada, United States, England, and Wales.

Darrell lives in Hamilton, Ontario.


  1. Imaginary Maps (2009)
  2. Sinners Dance (2018)
  3. Consolation Prizes (2001)
  4. After Hours (2017)


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