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Chief Petty Officer Second Class - Ben Marshall

Chief Petty Officer Second Class – Ben Marshall

My name is Ben Marshall, I’m seventeen years old and I’m a Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class with the Oakville Sea Cadets!

Around five years ago I moved from South Africa to Canada. When I arrived I began looking for clubs and sports teams to join. I was previously a provincial swimmer but swimming clubs were too costly for my parents. Eventually, I came across Cadets!

I have to admit; it never crossed my mind that I would join Sea Cadets, but I decided to look into to it. I visited and took a look around and was surprised to see that the Cadet Movement was nation-wide, made-up of hundreds of cadet corps/squadrons. I decided to go with the Sea Cadets and signed up.

sea_crest_smJoining was easy! After some bits of paperwork I was in. The first thing that the program was completely free! My parents wouldn’t have to pay a cent – everything is provided for you. To this day, five years later, I haven’t spent a cent!

The cadet program has many great values. They take a child help them grow into a confident adult. Cadets emphasize leadership, control and how to handle tough situations. The lessons learned are useful, not only in day-to-day life, but also when you’re looking for a job.

During my summers I would go off to summer camp. Summer camp is also free! Cadets offer 2 week, 3 week and 6 week programs, and get this!they pay you to go to camp, 60 dollars a week! Not only are you learning new things and having fun, but you’re also getting paid for it. I have been to camp for four years and this year I want to go back as a sail instructor/coach.

Chief Petty Officer Second Class - Ben Marshall on the rifle range

Chief Petty Officer Second Class – Ben Marshall on the rifle range

Throughout my camp career the Cadet program has spent many hours and money to give me these qualifications… ALL FOR FREE! Last summer I gained my Can Sail V and Sail Coach Qualifications. For me, the camp experience is a lot like a Muskoka woods experience. I will remember it for a life time – not only did I have fun but I’ve made friends that I’ll stick with for a long time. If you do not go to camp you can stay home and do sailing programs at the local harbor, or even apply to do international and national exchanges. Currently, I hold the rank of Chief Petty Officer Second Class which is the second highest rank that can be obtained in Sea Cadets. It carries a lot of responsibility and leadership.


I have enjoyed my years as a Cadet. Next year will be my final year and it will be a great one! Come down to 178 Oakville if you are looking to join and have a great time! I’ll see you there!

by  Chief Petty Officer Second Class Ben Marshall

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