Zoning Approved for Acclaim Health Dementia Care Centre


Acclaim Health is ecstatic to report that Oakville Town Council unanimously approved the zoning by-law amendment for their new dementia care centre on Monday September 9, 2019.

“We are so thankful that Council realized the importance of this community project and found a way for us to move ahead,” says Angela Brewer, Acclaim Health CEO. “It means that families caring for a loved one with dementia are that much closer to accessing additional help.”

A dedicated and enthusiastic group of community supporters have banded together to ensure this centre gets built.  Affectionately known as the Yellow Hat Brigade, they have been out in force at the community meetings – and many of them know firsthand just how difficult it can be to care for a loved one with dementia.

“I cared for my wife with dementia for over six years and Acclaim Health supported me every step of the way.  Right now waiting lists are very long.  We need to get this centre built so that families have the support they need to survive the multi-year journey that is dementia,” says Chad Murray, a member of the Yellow Hat Brigade and an Acclaim Health Board Member.

The new dementia care centre will be located at 2250 Speers Road in Oakville. It will house an expanded Adult Day Program for people with dementia, eight short stay overnight respite beds, and provide caregiver support and education for families.  It will be the only centre of its kind in Halton.

Now that zoning is approved, the next steps will be to obtain Site Plan approval and secure building permits, with construction getting underway early in the new year.  The new dementia care centre is expected to open in 2020.

Acclaim Health is a local charity and is in the process of raising the $5 million dollars needed to create the new dementia care centre.  To contribute, visit www.acclaimhealth.ca.

“We are so fortunate and grateful to have the support of our community,” says Angela Brewer.  “Together we’re making it happen!”


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